Video: Xiaomi Air pump versus Foot Pump

Portable mini compressors at Having to face the sandy mule track with 30% slopes every day to access the farm in the middle of the ditch, here in the countryside of Lower Molise in South-East Italy, I decided to reduce the discomfort of the necessary temporary deflation of the tires, useful for increasing the grip of the wheels, using a portable mini compressor with rechargeable battery that will allow me to bring them back to optimal pressures once out of the ditch. One of the most popular is the mini compressor from Xiaomi, which I therefore got myself. Fortunately, before cramming it into the providential intestine thoughtfully created by the rust of the unstoppable Fiat 127 Rustica, incredibly assembled in 1979 in the Lamborghini factory in Sant'Agata Bolognese, I proceeded to do some tests; in fact, only after making the return and receiving the replacement, was I able to carry out tests with positive results. In the video there are both the tests with the malfunctioning pump and those with the working pump. It is a mini portable air compressor with rechargeable battery, small in size, convenient to carry, ideal for inflating wheels of bicycles, cars, motorcycles or balls, mats and the like. It has 5 keys, display, digital pressure sensor and predefined programs, to quickly select the ideal pressures for cars, motorcycles and balls. The package contains a USB cable and a cloth bag for transport. The power supply is not included, but a common smartphone USB charger or similar can be used. I try to inflate a scooter wheel using the default settings for it. The hooking system is very convenient; in fact it is enough to screw it on the valve. The display first shows the current tire pressure which in this case is 1.2 BAR. Pressing the central button starts the pump. Unfortunately, after a small increase in pressure, the tire started to deflate until it reached zero BAR, this specimen is probably not working. Therefore, to get the tire back under pressure, I had to use a foot pump who had no difficulty whatsoever. I try the mini compressor again after inflating the tire with the pump a pedal. Now it seems to work; in fact it managed to bring the pressure from 2.3 BAR to 2.4 BAR and stopped automatically. Using the supplied adapter I try to inflate a balloon which, although initially managing to inflate it, fails to bring pressure. So given the two failed tests, surely the mini compressor is malfunctioning, so they proceed with the return. The day after the replacement request, the replacement mini compressor arrived even before I sent back the faulty one; so I proceed to test this too. In addition to the default settings, it is possible to manually set the pressure; in fact it is possible to go from 0.2 BAR to 10.3 BAR. To change the unit of measurement from BAR to PSI and vice versa, just hold down the right button. Objectively, the valve fixing system is very comfortable and well done. I set the default inflation pressure for scooters. I start the pump. Since the tube is quite short, it is preferable that the valve is as close as possible to the ground, if you do not want to hold the mini compressor in your hand. As per settings, the pump has brought the pressure to 2.4 BAR and it is off. To be sure that this replacement unit is in perfect working order, I try to inflate the tire of a completely deflated electric bicycle. I select the default setting for bicycle. I press the central button to start the pump. While waiting for those who were wondering what happened to the Fiat 127 Rustica, I say that I simply checked why Gabriella was unable to inflate anything with her new mini compressor. After a couple of minutes the electric bicycle tire reached the preset pressure and the mini compressor shut off automatically. The mini compressor proved to be a good product even if the reliability of a good foot pump is unbeatable. I hope I was helpful, if you haven't already, comment share, like and subscribe to the channel. Thanks that support. Bye 1) 0:00 Unpacking 2) 1:31 Test Pump Broken 3) 2:43 Foot Pump Test 4) 5:58 Xiaomi Pump Test 5) 9:01 am Final thoughts #xiaomi #compressor #pump #diy Andrea's Toolbox



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