Video: DIY Method to eliminate Fleas and Worms that infest cats

Cat wormers at Cat pesticides at Cat cleaners at Sniper, the cat, is under siege, fleas and worms crammed into inflatable boats equipped with powerful outboard engines, led by expert smugglers, have arrived here, overnight, on the lower Molise coast, in South-East Italy, the perfect logistics hub from which , away from prying eyes, to be able to spread throughout Europe, to infest, at the right moment, the opulent cats of the old continent. Fortunately, thanks to the advanced low-cost biometric recognition technologies derived from the extensive experience accumulated in the People's Republic of China, the sirens raised the alarm in time, allowing the Pesticide Forces to quickly identify the intruders and to exterminate them easily with a worming pill. , a flea collar and with cleaning wipes. It is well known that cats give social consent only to those who can guarantee them a well-deserved life of abundance and prosperity, even if those neutered could have lifelong resentment, cats do not forget and elaborate complex self-preservation strategies. the whole operation cost about 4.59 euros for a pesticide collar, 14.90 euros for vermifuggo, one euro for cleaning wipes, for a total of 20.49 euros. Before proceeding with the administration, the age and weight of the cat must be taken into account. Sniper is about a year old and weighs about 4 kg, according to him with big muscles and bones! I remove the old flea collar. When handling the collar it is advisable to use gloves, as the collar I am using, called Repelt by Vitakraft, has diazinone as an active ingredient which, although banned for years for domestic use, is still allowed today in veterinary medicines and in some cases in agriculture. . In any case, it is good to ask your trusted veterinarian for an opinion and keep in mind that it is a substance thought to be probably carcinogenic to humans. The dewormer that I am using with the trade name Drontal Gatto in pills marketed by Vetoquinol italia s.r.l. based on the active ingredient Praziquantel + Pirantel, belonging to the category of anthelmintics, it is an over-the-counter veterinary drug, but it is always advisable to ask your trusted veterinarian for an opinion. A whole pill is for a 4 kg cat, for lower or higher weights it will be necessary to decrease or increase the dose proportionally as indicated in the package leaflet. There are various techniques for giving a cat a pill, but the one I prefer is to open the cat's mouth by applying light pressure to the sides, place the pill on the deepest part of the tongue, close the mouth and wait for the cat swallow it. The lucky ones will succeed on the first try, but better keep an eye on it for a while as it may eject it after a clever simulation. I put on the new flea collar leaving about two fingers of space between the neck and the collar, making sure that it does not come off and that it is not easily reachable from the tongue. The collar has incisions that should make it easier to break in the unfortunate event that the cat gets entangled. With a utility knife, I cut the excess part of the collar. I clean up the annoyed cat with some cleaning wipes for cats and I take the opportunity to give it a good scramble too. This is what Cecchino the cat looks like after 48 hours from the mandatory health treatment does it yourself. He appears to be in good health, but above all in the faeces and near the anus there are no longer the proglottids of the tapeworm in the shape of characteristic small grains of rice. On the other hand, there seems to be no visible flea or skin lesions on the mantle. If a cat infested with fleas most likely will also have worms because intestinal worms use pucci as vectors which are often accidentally ingested by cats while cleaning the coat; therefore it is important that the cat is not only wormed but also disinfested by fleas. If necessary, the vermicidal treatment can be repeated after one month. 1) 0:00 Intro Imaginative 2) 0:56 Medical history 3) 1:15 Diagnosis 4) 2:27 Care 5) 3:07 How to give a Pill to the Cat 6) 3:33 How to put a flea collar on the cat 7) 4:47 How to wash a cat with cleaning wipes 8) 6:41 Cat 48 hours after the Vermicide and Pesticide treatment #fleas #worms #cleaning #cat Sniper is definitely pondering, revenge! I hope I have been helpful and pleasantly entertained you. If you haven't already, comment, share, like, and subscribe to the channel. Thanks for the support. Bye



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