Video: How to easily install the Google Play Store and GMS on Huawei devices

Huawei tablet at Huawei smartphone at 1) 00:00 Intro Crazy 2) 03:59 Gspace for GMS Google Mobile Services 3) 04:20 Access to the Play Store using the ShortCut shortcut 4) 06:02 Tracker Control for controlling unwanted tracers 5) 06:59 YouTube, Chrome, Google Home, Google Docs, Google Drive, etc ... 6) 12:08 pm Gboard, Google Translate, and Google Speech Synthesis 7) 14:16 Multilingual TTS for all Google Cloud voice packages 8) 15:07 Chrome and Firefox default browser 9) 16:56 RDP remote desktop Ubuntu Studio 10) 17:45 Facebook App without Google services 11) 18:18 Tiktok App without Google services 12) 18:58 WhatsApp App without Google services 13) 20:12 Spotify App without Google services 14) 20:59 Pluto App without Google services 15) 21:29 WorkStation for video editing CapCut App 16) 22:14 Asphalt 8 for video game testing 17) 22:37 Huawei Launcher Customization 18) 23:28 Alexa Voice Assistant without Google services 19) 24:13 AIDE the Java IDE app, C / C ++, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript 20) 25:45 AnTuTu Benchmark Test 21) 26:02 Final considerations Configuration parameters of the shortcut to the Google Play Store generated using ShortCut: Action = Package name = Class name = Extra=_VA_| _VA_|_uri_:#Intent;action=android.intent.action.MAIN;launchFlags=0x10000000;;;end _VA_|_user_id_:0 Flag = ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK Categories = android.intent.category.DEFAULT I configure the 10.1-inch FHD Huawei Matepad t10s tablet, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of ROM, and 8-core CPU for € 99.99 for my needs, including Google services. Essentially I configured the tablet to use Google services only if strictly necessary, but in any case by installing the Play Store anyway in order not to have any limitations and to standardize the user experience as much as possible compared to other devices with Google services already integrated. Huawei has diligently checked and made available on its official Huawei AppGallery Store, thus guaranteeing a certain level of security and reliability, the Gspace application that allows both to clone and install applications in a virtual space where Google services are available including the fully functional Play Store. Unfortunately, Gspace does not provide direct access to the Play Store, but you can create a quick link with the Shortcut application. To create the direct connection to the Play Store, integrated into Gspace, you need to start the Shortcut application, go to the app section, select Gspace, rename the shortcut, select the Play Store icon, perhaps previously downloaded, to be associated, enter the various parameters as shown in this video, perhaps by copying and pasting from those found in the description below, save everything and click on create a shortcut. To have the system under control from the point of view of unwanted traces, especially from any dangerous servers contacted by the apps you decide to install, F-droid, a well-known and reliable store of free open source applications, provides the full version of the Tracker Control app that can easily discover all the tracers present in an application. Intact in the Gboard system, Google Translate, and Google Speech Synthesis, but I resort to a ploy to take advantage of Google's Cloud voices, by installing the Multilingual TTS app from the APKPure Store which essentially manages to select the voice from the synthesis engine automatically based on to the language of the text to be read, but the voices are also based on those of Google Cloud so all languages ​​work even without being downloaded locally. The tablet has an audio jack socket and supports the USB OTG with cheap adapters also available from any warehouse of Chinese import products, it is possible to make it a real workstation equipped with a keyboard, mouse, microphone, headphones, and memory card reader. Of course, suppose you can't find the application you need. In that case, you can quickly develop it yourself, perhaps using one of the many IDEs for Android such as the AIDE app that allows you to easily program in various programming languages ​​such as Java, C / C ++, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, but also to take a peek at the source code, given the Open Source nature of many Android applications, perhaps making some changes to customize or improve it. I decline any responsibility for any damage to people, animals, and property resulting from imitating this guide which is for entertainment purposes only. #huawei #google #tablet #howto #tech #gms #android #diy



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