Video: All You Can Eat Sushi: How to Drink for Free

Lacking the ritualistic invigorating chili pepper from Lower Molise, here in South-East Italy, I replaced it with a bold spoonful of wasabi-based green sauce. Still, the only effect was to make me feel thirsty as if I were a missing person. survived a week in the desert, so having to quench my thirst with a case of Peroni beer would have turned the sushi dinner from all you can eat to all you can spend. Still, luckily my eye fell on one broth based on asparagus present on the menu that I promptly inserted at every turn of courses to keep thirst and costs at bay. I recommend that it not become Pulcinella's secret, but it probably already is. If you haven't already, subscribe to my channel. Thanks for the support. Bye bye. #sushi #mukbang #tutorial #shorts #allyoucaneat #molise #italy



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