Video: DIY repair of a smartphone with unglued display

Like shoe soles, even smartphone screens if left in the hot August sun inside the cockpit of the rust-colored FIAT 127 special with blue paint spotting, here in lower Molise, southeastern Italy, will come off. Ruling out going to the unobtainable shoemaker, I proceeded with the usual do-it-yourself method, cleaning the surfaces to be glued, spreading a thin film of good quality mastic type glue, on both sides with the help of a syringe and adhering them under pressure for about 24 hours, after waiting about 10 minutes for maximum glue yield before contact. I disclaim all responsibility for any damage incurred to persons, animals and property resulting from the imitation of this guide, which is for entertainment purposes only. #display #repair #tutorial #smartphonerepair #howto #tech #android #diy #recycle #shorts



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